Fairy Tail Coat
Fairy Tail Coat
Fairy Tail Coat
Fairy Tail Coat
Fairy Tail Coat
Fairy Tail Coat

Fairy Tail Coat

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Our Products are made of High Quality cotton made in Poland
97% Cotton - 3% Lycra

Size chart:

Imperial (inches)
XS: chest:31,5-34,5; waist:26-28,7; hips:31,5-34,5; height:5,4ft
S: chest:34,5-37,8; waist:28,7-32; hips:34,5-37,8; height:5,67ft
M: chest:37,8-41; waist:32-35; hips:37,8-41,3; height:5,8ft
L: chest:41-44; waist:35-38,2; hips:41-44; height: 6ft
XL: chest:44-48,8; waist:38,2-43 hips:44-47; height:6,17ft
XXL: chest:48,8-53,5; waist:43-47,5; hips:47,2-50,4 height:6,3ft

Metric (cm)
XS: chest:80-88; waist:66-73; hips:80-88; height:165
S: chest:88-96; waist:73-81; hips:88-96; height:173
M: chest:96-104; waist:81-89; hips:96-104; height:178
L: chest:104-112; waist:89-97; hips:104-112; height:183
XL: chest:112-124; waist:97-109; hips:112-120; height:188
XXL: chest:124-136; waist:109-121; hips:120-128 height:193

For personal fitting of hoodie size please send private message.

Hoodie is designed and made by members of our shop. Any similarities or connections with computer games, books or movies are only inspirational.